Social Net

Social Net is a multi-purpose center created by KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Center in 2022, with the aim to support and offer guidance to people facing social, psychological and economic difficulties.

Our vision is to create a “net” of social security, contributing to the psychosocial and employment support of vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals, based on their needs, protection of their rights and social inclusion.

Through a range of free educational, informative and empowerment services and activities, Social Net provides support to vulnerable groups in order to improve their living conditions and enable them to participate more actively in society.

In this endeavor we have experienced professionals (psychologists, social workers, counselors, etc.), who offer valuable counseling and psychological support to the beneficiaries.

Social Net Services include

Counselling and Psychosocial Support

For the protection of mental health and addressing the psychological and social challenges faced by vulnerable groups of the population.

Job Counselling

Aiming at highlighting the professional qualifications of the beneficiaries and facilitating their integration into the labor market.

Social Net services target all people who face serious difficulties in their personal and social life, regardless of gender, nationality and / or religious beliefs.

The aim of Social Net is to expand in the future its services and actions, including Legal Advice, Greek and English Language Learning, educational programs, etc.