All visitors upon entering Social Net are required to provide:
(a) a vaccination certificate, or
(b) a recovery certificate issued thirty 30 days after the first positive test and valid for up to 180 days thereafter.

In combination, it is necessary to present a police ID or driver’s license or passport or other proof of identity to the above certificates (a, b).
The above certificates (a, b) are displayed either in paper form or electronically via the visitor’s mobile device, through the special application CovidFree GR. For visitors outside the European Union the certificates are checked in paper form.
Minors from 4 to 17 years old can submit a self-diagnostic statement (self test) of the last twenty-four hours, which is performed by either any parent, even if they do not have custody or guardianship. No physical presence of the parent or guardian is required.

Services are provided Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Our in-person services are provided daily at the Social Net from 9.00 to 17.00. Many of our services are always available for you online on the SPIN educational platform and on our Youtube channel. For further information outside working hours you can contact us at our email [email protected]

Become a volunteer in a dynamic body of social action and help us develop and deliver our services. To become a volunteer on Social Net you can send your CV to our email [email protected] or fill out the designated form.

Social Net insists on the need to take a balanced approach between stepping up research on social security and the protection of human rights, including
(a) data protection and privacy; and
b) the condition of maintaining anonymity.

In order to provide our services more effectively, we collect data (demographics, living conditions, attitudes and perceptions), in order to export comprehensive statistics and research data, results and reports. For more information, visit the detailed description ‘Privacy Policy’.

All services are free.